STEP 4: Timeline and calendar

In this step you will define the timeframe for the implementation of the dissemination plan. The creation of this calendar helps getting a general idea of the dates and will help identify how far in advance to act. For this, it is important to define whether the performance of the play will take place during a season or on specific dates. With this information, it will be decided whether or not to implement a more extensive and sustained dissemination plan over time. On the other hand, it is recommended that the following be taken into account when drawing up the calendar:

  • Period for the creation of the graphic pieces or dissemination material.
  • Period for publications and dissemination of the material.
  • Invitation period (in case of a personalised invitation, define the confirmation time).

Various platforms can be used for the organisation of the calendar, some of them are: Google calendar, Calendar Al, One Calendar, Excel, among others. 

Computer or mobile

Multifunctional tool, where the order of the chronogram and all the information in general of the project is kept.

Internet access

Software or applications

Digital diaries and calendars, which make it easier to organise the information.

An extra competence for this point is:

Planning and organisation:

The overall project schedule and the deadlines set for each stage should be considered.

All the resources mentioned above can be replicated for the promotion of the digital theatre company or group, which will give the project greater visibility and sustainability. For this, it will be necessary to generate content permanently, which can consider: previous and/or future experiences, record of the creative processes, actors and actresses photo sessions, previews, etc.