STEP 4: Purchasing and management

In order to carry out this step, it is necessary to be in coordination with the other work teams, especially the artistic and technical ones. The necessary elements for the play must be identified and acquired, such as for instance:

  • Costumes

  • Lighting (light rings, spotlights)

  • Sound (microphones, etc.)

  • Copyright licences

  • Software licences or necessary applications

  • Audiovisual material

Computer, tablet or mobile

Tool used for communication between the professionals involved in this step. And also, to keep record and order of purchases, review budgets, etc.

Internet access

One of the most important competencies for the development of this step.

A crucial ability especially in situations where you are not finding what is requested or going out of budget.

This skill is related to adapting to changes, as proactivity will be needed in the search for other alternatives when what was previously planned or requested is not achieved.

Fluid communication with all areas of the project is required.

On the other hand, as in any theatre show, tickets must be sold in order to participate in the digital performance. Therefore, the implementation of a payment platform or gateway will be necessary.