STEP 3: Distribution of characters

The aim of this step is to assign each participant a character in the play. In case there is a clear Director and Direction process, it will be this person or people who will be in charge of the distribution of the characters. In the case of a collective creation, it will depend on the decisions of the team. This step allows shaping the staging and provides the space for actors, from their respective roles, to nurture the story to be represented.

Computer, tablet or mobile

Tool used for communication between the professionals involved in this step.

Stable Internet access and connection

(sufficient mobile data or wifi connection)

The competences added to this specific step are:

Leadership and decision-making: This competence makes it possible to guide the actions necessary for a given objective. In this step, it is fundamental to give resolution and define the distribution of characters.


Key tool to achieve the objectives. Stimulates respect and trust between peers

The implementation of this activity will depend on how the creative process is developing, the methodologies and techniques that are being applied, for instance: whether or not you have the role of director, the willingness of participants to try new things and roles until final roles are assigned.


This step is closely related to the next step of the process, the rehearsals. In this sense, the distribution of the characters can be done in different ways depending on the objective and internal processes of the group. Thus, distribution can depend on the Director’s decision, can be organised in the form of cast with various participants or through a collective decision. In addition, it can also be the result of an activity led in order to define and distribute the characters, such as various improvisation games in order to test the characters, play with the concepts, words, voice,etc. The following step of the guide includes a detailed description of an improvisation process that can be adapted and already included in the part of roles distribution.

Once the characters have been assigned, you proceed to the most important steps in the creative work: the rehearsals.