STEP 2: Choice of target group or staff to work with

The objective of this step is to complete the work team for the project in all its different areas. That is to say, the aim is to generate or consult a database in order to make an open call or cast, as long as the play requires it, to:


Although it is the Director who decides on the cast, it is the job of the production to organise and carry out the casting.


Specialists necessary for the execution of complementary areas to the stage (sound, lighting, software, etc).


Professionals in charge of translating an aesthetic idea into elements that nourish the story, such as: costumes, scenic, sound, etc.


Team in charge of disseminating the project, prepare all the communication materials and promotion activities for the performance.

Computer, tablet or mobile

Tool used for communication between the professionals involved in this step.

Internet access


Depending on the group you want to work with.

  • Leadership and decision making

    Very important competence for the person taking on the role of Production, as this person will be the one to support and help the Management to make the decision on the rest of the team.

  • Financial

    Especially in the handling of the budget, both for the consideration of fees and for the implementation of the project.

  • Autonomy and personal initiative

    Skill that at this stage is directly related to leadership and decision making.

In the case of having a previously established working group, this point can be omitted. That is, if you already have a stable theatre company or collective, this step has already been completed. That being said, it might be question to make sure that the roles related to management of software or specific technical needs due to the digital context are reviewed and correspond to the competences of the people in charge of these tasks.

Once the above points are clear, it is the task of Production to manage the general organisation of the project, as detailed in the next step.