STEP 1: Target audience

The management and/or production team must select the audience they want to reach, according to the objectives of the communication and dissemination plan of the performance. The content of the work can be taken into account along with the following factors:


Variables such as gender, age (childhood, adolescents, youth, adults, seniors), occupation, among others, are used.


The level of income is taken into account.


Personality, lifestyle and value system are taken into account.

Computer or mobile

Tool for research and order of information.

Internet access

Digital platforms to be used

Necessary for the development of the staging.

Social media

Platforms to be researched, where dissemination will take place.

The competences, in addition to the transversal ones, which are required for this step, are:


Information alone is not enough if there is no capacity for understanding and analysis, which can provide the best communicative strategies.


This step must be worked on collaboratively with the Direction and Production teams.

Once the target audience is clear, you can continue with the creation of the communication strategy, for this, we suggest continuing with step 2, detailed below.