Promoting: competences, tools and activities

This part of the process consists in the dissemination of the digital work. That is to say, it will be necessary to create a Communication Plan, which aims not only to attract the public (audience) to participate in the Performance, but also to make the work and the company visible.

In the case of not having professionals from the Communications area (designer, publicist, social media manager, etc.) for the development of this work, someone from the Production team should take on this role.

The transversal competences and skills required and developed in this process are:

At this stage, this competence is closely related not only to communication between the people in the team, but also to how the dissemination strategy is designed and planned. In other words, communication towards the audience.

The ability to use some digital platforms will be required, but with the aim of capturing the image and aesthetics of the work and its dissemination.

The people in charge of this stage must take the suggestions of the other areas, especially those of management, but then they must be able to have autonomy to create the design and the strategic communication plan.

Essentially in the designs and dissemination proposals.

Each step must be structured in detail to achieve the best results.

It should be considered that the dissemination plan of the work has to be implemented prior to the performance, since, as previously mentioned, its objective is to attract the audience. For its execution, the following steps (modules) are suggested.