Producing: competences, tools and activities

As previously mentioned, Production will be worked on in parallel to the Creative process, as one generally depends on the other. In many occasions, there is no specific working team for the development of this aspect and it is the participants themselves who must assume this role. For this, transversal competences and skills have to be developed for this process, such as:

As previously mentioned, this competence is transversal to the whole project. It is necessary to maintain clear and fluid communication between the participants in the various work teams in order to achieve the expected objectives.

At this stage, the mastery and use of digital platforms will also be fundamental, not from an artistic point of view, but as to better organise and plan the project.

The ability to analyse data and draw conclusions that can be useful for the process. It also allows for evaluating possible problems, making arguments and taking the best decisions.

A highly relevant skill for this stage, which enables the use of available resources, whether human or material, in the most optimal and efficient way possible. This is in addition to the correct management of time and project deadlines.

Necessary skill for the development of this stage, where each work team must maintain communication with the others, in order to carry out the necessary steps to meet the objectives.

Capacity strongly developed in this stage, where all the steps that will give structure to the artistic montage are executed.

In next modules, we detail some important steps to take into account for the development of this stage.