Project Partners

We are a multidisciplinary team of organisations, with disciplines ranging from social innovation to information technology to visual and performance arts. Each partner brings to the table their unique perspective and expertise.

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece, with more than 40 years of experience in the sustainable development, social growth, human rights protection, social inclusion and policy research. KMOP has wide expertise in social welfare, social entrepreneurship and employment, health care system and human rights protection, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues. KMOP as a leading Social Action and Innovation Centre works with major actors in the public and private sectors, as well as with civil society to drive solution-oriented, knowledge-based interventions that are essential for fostering people’s resilience. It is involved in both national and EU/international projects addressing social issues focusing on capacity building and promotion of the rights of low-skilled youth and long-term unemployed, empowerment, migration, minorities’ rights, victims of violence and trafficking, victims of bullying, elderly and disabled. You can find more information on the organisation’s website:

La Xixa Teatre Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 which aims to research, develop and multiply educational and theatrical tools as a means for social transformation addressing the following topics:

  • Intercultural communication and the fight against racism, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination from an intersectional perspective;
  • Gender equity/equality policies and sexual diversity;
  • Peace culture, civic engagement, and local development;
  • Inclusive cultural heritage;
  • Early school leaving and prevention of risk behaviour among youth;
  • Environmental sustainability.

The mission of La Xixa is to facilitate the creation of spaces for empowerment through Participatory Methodologies, Process Oriented Psychology and Theatre of the Oppressed to generate processes of individual and collective transformation in contexts of social vulnerability. We conduct workshops for various groups, training for trainers and artistic actions at a local and international level. We are a multi-disciplinary and multicultural group of collaborators, trained in the field of social sciences, pedagogy and arts.

Artit is an art startup based in London and Athens. The Artit web platform is home to a dynamic global community of a few thousand visual artists. Our mission is to offer emerging visual artists opportunities for exposure and recognition. At the core of our offering are our art contests, designed to spark social impact. We also design and produce publications to showcase the works of artists on our platform.


A few words about our values: we believe in the power of art to act as a catalyst for personal empowerment and social change. We see art also as a means to raise awareness around matters that impact our lives as individuals and as a collective. We empower the voices of artists and organisations that strive for a bright future for the world, particularly those that address issues of ecology, society and politics through art. In this context, a significant part of our work are our collaborative European partnerships exploring the intersection of arts and society in practice.

Mentortec is a business accelerator focused on the promotion and sustainable growth of start-ups and enterprises, as well as on the establishment of business cooperation relationships between entrepreneurs and new start-ups and companies from different countries. As business accelerator, Mentortec provide a set of services fostering the support of (new or wannabe) entrepreneurs, mentors, consultants, SMEs and business owners in the identification of opportunities for innovation, sustainable growth and business cooperation relationships at National and International levels.

This business accelerator also acts as a certified training provider to its clients, including business organisations, educational & training providers and professionals, especially in the field of creativity & motivation, ideas generation & maturation, spotting new opportunities, capacity building & competences acquisition/development, networking, communication & cooperation with key-partners. Through its highly experienced trainers, consultants and mentors, Mentortec has a strong profile and competencies to operate and expedite on the various phases of the training cycle.

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd is a pioneering organisation which initiates and implements projects of positive social impact, with a focus on social inclusion (particularly in the fields of employment, entrepreneurship, migrant integration, sustainable development).  SYNTHESIS is the leading organisation in the country in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It founded and manages HUB NICOSIA,  an educational centre and a community of organisations with cultural, environmental and social aims.  It also runs the SOCIAL CAFE, a unique initiative aiming at the empowerment and social inclusion of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.