What we do

Our collaborative intervention equips theatre professionals and non-professionals with the knowledge and tools to explore the growing modality of digital theatre. We are researching tools and methodologies for creating digitally native theatre, testing them, and developing guidebooks and an online learning platform to consolidate our findings.


Digital theatre methodology & training curriculum for theatre professionals

Digital Theatre will support theatre professionals on adapting their theatrical work in the new digital era through the development of a Guide that includes a methodology and a training curriculum in a digitally native theatre. This Guide will be designed for theatre professionals with limited digital skills that need to adapt in the new digital era. The aim is to create and provide to theatre professionals, partner staff as well as social inclusion organizations a new way of creatively engaging with audiences and beneficiaries by taking advantage of the digital transformation in theatrical production.


Design and implementation of digital theatrical plays

After completing the training of digital theatre methodology and curriculum, national theatrical teams will develop their own digital theatrical play/output, by applying the gained knowledge and skills. The topic of the theatrical play/output will be selected by each national theatrical team and will aim at raising awareness on societal issues and European matters. In total, 5 digital theatre performances and 5 scripts will be designed and implemented (one per country).


E-learning programme for theatre professionals

The e-learning program will consist of different courses that will be designed based on the learning material of the Guide. This program will actually include a digitalized learning material in an attractive digital environment that theatre professionals can attend in order to develop their skills and competences. This e-learning programme will be uploaded in a Digital Theatre Resource Platform - an innovative platform with different resources and materials about Digital Theatre.


Guide for non-professional theatre practitioners

The Guide will include the digital skills and competencies that non-professional theatre practitioners need in order to continue their artistic theatrical process. The aim is to expand their knowledge, their skills, the tools they have available, but also build and support their confidence, so that they can continue to operate, explore new venues and practices, and innovate in terms of means of theatrical delivery and theatrical production.


Digital Theatre Resource Platform

An online Digital Theatre Resource platform (DTR) will be developed for theatre professionals, theatre amateurs, educators, educational organizations, organizations promoting social inclusion and organizations in the creative and cultural sector. The DTR will include the 2 Guides developed for theatre professionals and non-professionals, a catalogue with digital theatre performances and their scripts, the e-learning programme and a virtual database with profiles of all involved participants in the digital theatre methodology.