Creating: competences, tools and activities

The creative process can vary according to the methodologies and interests of each company or collective. However, it is necessary to consider since the beginning the digital context in which the process will be developed in order to adapt it and optimise all available resources that enable the creation of a unique digitally-native experience. There are various competencies and skills required for the development of this first stage, some of which will be specific to each step, but also some that are transversal, as detailed below:

This is the ability to interact with other people through language. Both verbal, spoken or written, and non-verbal. Therefore, it is a multidimensional competence permanently present during the development of the entire process. It is necessary to express ideas assertively and effectively, but also to listen actively. 

Ability to generate new ideas and concepts in order to come up with new proposals. It stimulates imagination, curiosity and observation. It is to be developed constantly, especially at this stage, where innovation and exploration of new methodologies are sought. Therefore, one way to stimulate the creativity of the people involved in the creative process (cast, production and directing team, among others) is to use participatory tools as much as possible, such as the collective creation of the script, creation of the characters, or any others available according to the set goals. These dynamics will allow a closer approach to the process.

Mastery and use of digital platforms. An indispensable resource for the development of this artistic experience. This essentially involves the use of a digital device (computer, telephone, tablet, etc.), Internet use (data, wifi connection), and the ability to read, write and send messages. On the other hand, the choice of the digital platform to use for the creation of a digital theatre piece implies dedicating specific time to discovering, exploring and familiarising oneself with the handling of the specific codes and tools of the platform to be used.

The ability to analyse data and draw conclusions that can be useful for the process. It also allows assessing possible problems, making arguments and taking the best decisions.

These competences and skills will be developed through the execution of this section of creating, which we have organised in the following steps (modules).