Digital Theatre
Supporting Theatre & its people
Digital Theatre aims to support theatre and its people – both professionals and non-professionals – by offering them the tools they need for the enhancement of their digital skills and the digital transition of their work in the post-Covid era.

Why Now?

Arts and culture are integral to the social, civic, and economic wellbeing and vitality of every nation. However, they have experienced significant setbacks due to COVID-19. 

Especially the performing arts – like theatre – were hit hard by the pandemic, with artists, creators and technicians struggling to remain active, relevant and adapt to the new challenges. Theatre non-professionals are also experiencing adversity as they can no longer function in the way they could before the pandemic.

In this new era, the industry and its people can reap the benefits of digitalisation and emerging technologies to create new forms of cultural experience and stay connected with the audiences. But they need support in their artistic and creative endeavours.

Who Can Participate?

  • Theatre Professionals

  • Non-professionals who use theatre as a tool for art therapy, expression and community interaction

  • Drama schools
    and theatrical educators

  • Educational, creative & cultural organisations